Ozone Pet Deodorization Brush

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  • Say goodbye to smelly pet fur with the revolutionary Ozone Pet Deodorization Brush! Just brush your pup and let the ozone technology do the rest: banishing odors in seconds without the use of harsh chemicals. Your furry friend will be feeling (and smelling!) fresh like a daisy in no time!
  • The Ozone Pet Deodorization Brush effectively removes pet smells using a combination of ozone therapy and brush-style massage. Utilizing ozone's powerful oxidizing capabilities, this brush treats the source of the odor without any harsh chemicals. Its unique brush shape ensures maximum coverage and effectiveness for all sizes and types of pets.
  • Clean and deodorize your pet's coat with the Ozone Pet Deodorization Brush. Utilizing natural ozone technology to powerfully remove odors, dirt, and dander, this brush provides a deep clean while leaving your pet's coat looking and smelling fresh. Its ergonomic handle and soft bristles make it gentle on the skin, giving you the perfect combination of effective cleaning and comfort.