Pet Slow Feeder Mat

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  • Slow down mealtime for your beloved pet with this Pet Slow Feeder Mat that keeps 'em busy and full! Designed with an intricate maze-like pattern, it’ll take Fido or Fluffy a while to find their way to the kibble, preventing them from eating too fast (or too much!). Let the fun and games begin!
  • The Pet Slow Feeder Mat is a great solution for ensuring your pet eats their meals at a healthy rate. The mat features several compartments that allow you to portion out each meal for your pet and encourages them to take their time—keeping them full, satisfied and healthy.
  • Our Pet Slow Feeder Mat helps keep your pet active and healthy while promoting healthy portion control for meals. The raised design of the mat helps to slow your pet's eating while providing stimulating playtime. With its easy-to-clean design, you can keep your pet's feeding area neat and tidy. Feel good knowing your pet is getting the best!